SYSDAF     SYSKILL PACKAGED Dissolved Air Flotation

SYSDAF - SYSKILL Packaged Dissolved Air Flotation

The SYSDAF combines Initial pH Control, Coagulation, Flocculation, Flotation and Final Ph Control all in one unit. Pumps, Controllers, Panels, Piping, etc. are installed and tested on the skid in our factory. On site the skid only requires Power, Water and is ready for commissioning.

The patented SYSDAF technology does not require compressed air or bottom scraping. Dissolved air is provided to the system all along the bottom of the flotation tank and this ensures very efficient operation, maximum removal of pollutants and no sedimentation.

High Reduction of Fat, Oil, Grease, Suspended Solids, BOD, TKN, TP Ammonia, etc.

Applications -

  • Discharge to sewer in most industries
  • Pretreatment prior to Biological plants, etc.
  • Chemical Nutrient Removal
  • Pretreatment prior to Membrane Filtration
  • Biological Sludge thickening
  • Clarifier

SYSDAF - SYSKILL Packaged Dissolved Air Flotation