Water Reuse with Membrane Filtration

The current focus is on the reusability and recycle of treated wastewater. Syskill integrates such cost competitive advanced wastewater treatment technologies from established manufacturers after SYSDAF and/or SYSSBR pretreatment for water reuse.


Pretreated water is pumped through a sand/media filter, followed by suitable chemical dosing direct to the UF plant. The packaged UF plant utilizes 0.04um Hollow fiber ultra filtration membranes with automatic backflushing & CIP. These membranes provide a certified 4.7log virus reduction of filtrate. Water is drawn through the membrane and fed to a filtrate tank which includes backflushing pumps and control equipment.

Membrane Bioreactors

These very compact packaged plants produce a UF quality effluent suitable for reuse applications or as a high quality feed water source for Reverse Osmosis treatment.The MBR process involves a suspended growth activated sludge system that utilises microporous membranes for solid/liquid separation in lieu of secondary clarifiers. Flat sheet membranes with automatic permeate pressure backflush reduce chemical cleaning costs.

Reverse Osmosis

Filtered water is fed to an RO booster pump that feeds water to a series of RO membrane vessels. The RO system incorporates a CIP station, anti scalant dosing and automatic PLC control. Concentrated waste is directed to a further RO module with SW membranes for further water recovery purposes. Pure water streams from both RO plants are combined and fed to a UV Disinfection unit delivering a validated 58mj/cm2 dose for 1 log reduction of virus. The water is then chlorinated for a further 2 log reduction credit prior to storage or distribution for reuse.



Reverse OsmosisReverse Osmosis