SYS SBR     SYSKILL Sequential Batch Reactor

SYS SBR - The SYSKILL Sequential Reactor

The Sequential Batch Reactor utilizes the Activated Sludge Process and the two steps of biological oxidation and phase separation take place in the same tank, on an cyclic basis. This process provides complete nitrification and substantial de-nitrification by controlling the aeration and fill/draw cycles. The single tank is operated in a cyclic manner with each cycle consisting of 4 discrete phases in the following sequential sequence: Fill/Aerate/Settle/Draw. In the continuous fill mode, there are 3 discrete phases: Aerate/Settle/Draw, while the inflow is continuous.

Reduction of Soluble BOD.
Biological and Chemical Nutrient Removal.

Applications -

  • Discharge suitable for Irrigation, Reuse
  • Pretreatment prior to Membrane Filtration
  • Biological and Chemical Nutrient Removal

SYS SBR - The SYSKILL Sequential Reactor